by Our Last Oath

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released January 24, 2014

All lyrics and songs written by Robin Khorrami
Recorded at xcubestudios Wernau



all rights reserved


Our Last Oath Germany

Our Last Oath's style of music lies between Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal. Powerful vocals such as brutal high pitched screams, low shouts as well as breathtaking clean vocals surround the heavy riffing and catchy melodic parts. With the first EP released in January 2014 the band is now about to conquer new stages and to push their beloved hobby to the next level! ... more

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Track Name: Forsaken Grounds
Forsake me to forgotten grounds
where I lie to live my life

It's time to reach
for the end of this nightmare
where only love expires

Let me be
as I used to know
never forgotten
and always beloved

Come get your honour
and let me fall down
in forsaken grounds
I shall rest

I shall rest
in forgotten grounds

I stand alone
by your side
let me be
your memory
forever forevermore

I stand alone
let me be
your loving memory
Track Name: Beginning Point
I cannot reach for air
this truth dissolves
slowly with the decay
of those ashes
choking my lungs

It's time to change
too many burdens left for me
but I carry them with honour
in memory of those who left this planet

There is no one
to stand by my side
even inner circles
must turn to the beginning point

I see collapsing buildings
we once built up with pride
but the days are gone
where only might
could hold together
this fragile soil

I stand alone,
no future in my hands

Beginning point
Track Name: My Shelter
It's time to save you
it's time to save you
Did I tell you,
That I don't need you?

There was this evil spirit in me
but now I can breathe free

All the time
You kept me away from the demons

To stay free
means to break apart from
things you love
there is no boundary
but friendship will last

There is no adherence inside
as it seems to see
there is no adherence inside
as it meant it to be
Track Name: Devil Beneath My Blood
Long enough I've been punished for nonsense
but you wouldn't ever see
you were raising a man
full of hate and desire for revenge

Disgusted by the feelings towards your own blood
the devil's path was the one you walked

And you didn't escape from it
'cause you began to love it

Now you're at the edge of your seat
you recognize how fragile fake words can become

Collapsing under the pressure of your sins
revenge is what you deserve for life

You shall bleed for the things you did
struck down by your vanity
your soul ripped in duality

You're the devil beneath my blood
Track Name: Traitor
Rise up to my eyes
to see what's in front of me
I will stand up
for you all

As a tempest rises
right in front of us
I will keep you everyone
right by my side

He who stands
right beside your shoulder
will be the first to stab you
in the back

Through uncertain days
we may be carried
but our destiny to be
will be done
but hangs on a loose thread

Never forget my words
but repeat them
one of us will be the one
to blow up all our work

Through uncertain days
we may be carried
but what we don't need
is a traitor like you ought to be
But what we don't need
is a traitor like you